--people i know--

and most are even worth going to

hexed industries: for all your deviant desires (or check out his personal site).
sykospark: home of the infamous insta kits.
something positive: an online comic by my daddy. sick and twisted. oh yes.
bat an eye: angeldye is spiffy, and often uv reactive.
ghostgirl: the cutest ghostgirl i know
éilis: lovely lady with a great sense of style. and great hair.
simply fiendish: purple and deathrock-y.
blissbat: erin provides you with all sorts of information about important and pretty things.
the belfry: if you don't know who batty is, you've been living in a cave. a really dark one. without net access.
left.of.center: emby quinn rocks in a plethora of ways.
spiderella: spidey is wonderful.
bractune: the best goth industrial dj i know (and of).
tag/net: i started her on kiss, she started me on the fear project. lots to keep you occupied.
plainrapper: council of doom, mikey, and yummy mummy. what more could you ask for?
cheryl's page: cheryl is a sweetie. and let me take pictures of her surrounded by broken mirrors.
sarah chen: sarah is a nifty girl, but even more antisocial than i am.
purgedbeauty's page: still in its infancy, but pretty.
circuitry: independant music, i did some of the design work.

love me, link me:

by my daddy


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